5 Rummy strategies to deal with Bad Hand in Rummy

08 May 2017 12:00

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The biggest challenge that the players, quite often, are left to face in the game of online Rummy is about dealing with a bad hand. It is the most critical part of an online Rummy game.
The players do get nervous quite easily, struggling to find a favourable Rummy. Eventually, they end up making serious errors as a result and get eliminated. It is, therefore, necessary that learning to deal with a bad Rummy is the first and foremost subject that any Rummy aspirant should focus on.
When a player gets a very bad hand having hostile cards with a very little chance of making a sequence, he is said to be dealing with a bad Rummy. However, since Rummy is a game of skill and intelligence, carefully thought out moves help a player to come out of the predicament. Here are a few tips:

1. Stay focused:

No matter how bad your Rummy looks like, you can work on it to your advantage if you remain attentive and stay focused. If you can do that, you can support yourself by coming up with better decisions to evade the bottleneck. Your skills can come to your aid only when you are stoic enough to put your analytical skills into play. It is when a person can come up with sane decisions which will decide your further plight in the game.

2. Dropping high value cards:

The next thing which needs to be done when a person looks at a bad Rummy is to start dropping high value cards like K, Q and J one by one. Since these cards carry higher points, keeping them with oneself will result in him/her losing with higher points. So the focus should be on reduction of points when a person sees no scope of winning. There is every chance that you get a better Rummy next time again. Read rummy rules to play rummy online at RummyCircle.com.

3. Prolong or block your opponents’ declaration:

A Rummy player, whether or not he is having a good or bad hand, should always be keenly watching the actions of his opponents with an undivided attention. Your opponent’s moves do leave you a clue. So, it is important to have a close observation on him. Say for example, when your opponent is seen picking cards continuously from the closed deck, it means he is having a good hand and the declaration from him is imminent at any time soon. So, all you need to do is discard a card as a bait. If it is picked by your opponent, you will have an idea about the type of sequences he is working on. Having understood that, you need to keep holding the cards which may be useful to him and thereby you can delay or block your opponents’ declaration.

4. Trick your opponent:

Just like you keep your eyes closely on your opponents, they will also be keeping constant focus on you. In short, your moves precisely decide their action. Therefore, you need to be clever enough to make moves which can confuse your opponents. You can trick them by discarding low value cards and keep picking up cards from the open deck. This move of yours may push your opponent to fold the cards in a muddle.

5. Know when to drop:
When none of the strategies to indemnify a bad Rummy works, even after weighing thousand options, it is best for you to fold the cards and drop the game. However, as said earlier, before folding the cards make sure that you have dropped all the higher value cards which will help you to lose with a fewer points.

Theoretically, a bad Rummy can be handled using the said strategies. But it is only your intelligence combined with your judicious implementation of the same can help you to practically survive a bad Rummy, starting from staying focused. Learn how to play rummy like expert rummy players on RummyCircle.com.

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