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03 Jul 2017 09:17

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It only seems like yesterday that the game of online Rummy was introduced by RummyCircle. Having grown leaps and bounds since then, today it stands as an undisputed charm of the nation, as far as online fascination of games is concerned, having 5 million registered users. If you want to add to that number of registered users and enjoy the thrilling experience of playing Rummy on RummyCircle, please find the way. it must be done step by step.


Get yourself registered:
Just by visiting the website or downloading a Rummy app on your mobile, you can register yourself as an user. The registration is a very simple process, designed without any complication. Only a minute or two is enough to fill the form and get registered. Simultaneously, you can also download the Rummy app which enables you to play on the go through mobiles. All you need to do is give a missed call to the number 08080894422 and immediately a link will be sent to you to download the app. Once you click on it and download it, the file will appear in the notification bar. Now go to your phone’s settings and check “unknown sources” and launch the app from the notification bar. When you are prompted to install, click and get it installed. That’s it. You are ready for a long innings on RummyCircle.

Watch video tutorials:
If you are unsure of how tough the competition will look like and a layman to the tricks used to win Rummy, do not get disappointed. There are loads of video tutorials available in RummyCircle which will guide you through how the game is played. The rummy rules of the game and the tricks involved are well documented in the video. So, have a fair look at these videos and learn everything before signing up for playing cash games.

Practice games:
Now that you are satisfied with the lessons which you have imbibed through video tutorials, try your hands on practice games. The practice games are cash free games and hence you can give it a try without any hesitation. As you have nothing to lose, you can play as many free games as possible till you are confident of playing games for real cash / high stake. By doing so, you will have an idea of how the scenario of playing high stake games be like. This will help him become a better opponent in real games.

High stake games:
Anyone playing a high-stake game needs to be absolutely sure before joining the Rummy tournaments. At the same time, if you are able to win high stake games, you can win unimaginable sum of money. So keeping the pros and cons, make sure you learn every trick in the book so that even if you lose, you lose with less points only.
So, that’s how it is done. If you are a Rummy player, just register and follow the process as said above before becoming a permanent cash player.

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