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31 Jul 2017 12:59

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Five facts that makes online Rummy safer than you think:

It is natural for anyone to be apprehensive when it comes to trying out Indian Rummy for concerns of safety. After all, the game of Rummy involves numerous money transactions against one’s winnings. But the fact of the matter is that online Rummy is much safer than what most people think, especially if you have chosen RummyCircle as the platform to showcase your card game skills. In short, there is no reason to worry about safety while playing online Rummy. Let us now see the facts that makes online Rummy much safer than what normally people perceive.

The obvious question that crops up for people who like to have a shot at online Rummy is about its legality as to whether playing this card game amounts to gambling. This apprehension, however, is unnecessary as the Supreme court of India has come up with a historical judgement many years ago that Rummy is purely a game of skill and hence playing it would not resort to gambling. Since the game concurs with the law of the land you have no reason to rethink about playing it.

Confidentiality of private information:
Since our personal details are shared with the online portal of RummyCircle, we tend to be curious about the security that the site has to offer. But it is highly impossible for anyone to tamper our personal information as the site is protected with world class security features which prevents your personal information from being shared with anyone.

Banking transactions:
Whenever there is an involvement of money transactions which is dealt with our banking information, it is not abnormal for anyone to be a bit reluctant when it comes to sharing them. But you can be rest assured when sharing such information here on RummyCircle which provides globally acknowledged features like SSL in protecting them. No one can misuse your banking information or even come close to divulging it. In short, they have a secured payment gateway with which they give payment and withdrawal process. If you are new to rummy, learn rummy game rules for better chance of winning.

24x7 customer support:
RummyCircle is always serious about customers’ interest which is given on top priority. Your grievances never go unaddressed. They have 24x7 support team which takes care of your needs. All you have to do is to approach the help section in the site and write to them by filing an enquiry form or call on their toll-free number 08080894422, asking them to deal with your problems like crediting of wrong amount, issues about login etc. Each of those problems is addressed and solved in just 24 hours.

When there are numerous other online games and many other online websites which promote 24x7 online Rummy have you ever wondered why people throng RummyCircle alone? It is because of the transparency with which this website operates the game. Nothing is hidden to the customers. The transparency is maintained through game play interface including card distribution methodology certified by renowned I Tech labs in Australia which is trusted as the best certification for online gaming.

So, just have a look at the above stated facts, ward off all your apprehensions and enjoy the experience of online Rummy in RummyCircle.

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