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28 Aug 2017 13:55

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Basic requirements to play Rummy online

The reach that online Rummy is enjoying in India is simply mind blowing. Ever since this game of skill has hit online, thanks to RummyCircle, it has grown leaps and bounds thus becoming one of the most played online games in India. Anybody, irrelevant of the knowledge of the game, can play the game as the requirements of playing it are quite simple to achieve. You need not do anything with extravagance to play this game. If only certain basic requirements are addressed you are free to play the game as and when you find time to do it once you have yourself enrolled in RummyCircle. Let us now see these basic requirements to play online Rummy.

  1. RummyCircle is a separate website exclusively designed to play the game online. Therefore, you need minimum a computer or a mobile phone with an internet connection to play this game.
  2. # If you are interested to play the game through mobile, you need at least a basic smartphone model. Even a 2G enabled phone is enough to play the game.
  3. # A Rummy guide is needed and the same is available in RummyCircle to teach the Rummy aspirants the rules and the tips & tricks of the game.
  4. # You need to register yourself for playing online Rummy. Signing up is a very easy process and you will have a user name for identification.
  5. # Since rummy game involves cash winnings, you may need to share certain personal information like bank account which will be kept highly secured however by the website.
  6. # The RummyCircle app needs to be downloaded and installed on your mobiles. Just by giving a missed call to the number 08080894422, this app gets downloaded on your phone and can be seen in your tool bar. For installing the same, check unknown sources option in the settings and then install the app. This app enables you to play the game on the go.
  7. # The game needs at least two to six players to participate.
  8. # A pack or two of 52 cards with four different suits is needed along with a printed joker in each of the packs. So technically a pack of cards will have 53 cards.
  9. # The practice matches to be played extensively by any new entrant in RummyCircle to equip himself in the game of online Rummy which will give him a wider picture of how to play rummy and how the real cash games look like.

Last but not the least, you should have enough cash to try your hand on cash tables.

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