Tips to master the game of rummy

16 Oct 2017 13:13

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The game of Rummy is as such a simple one to understand and play provided you are thorough with all the tricks to be applied at all relevant situations. This is where an expert score over the rest. So here are some of the tips and tricks that help you master the game of Rummy.

1. Have a detailed study of the video tutorials available in RummyCircle. Do not ignore anything as irrelevant. Every minute stuff should be known.

2. Go for practice tables and play as many Rummy games for free. This will help you to play real cash games confidently.

3. While playing cash games, make sure you finish one and go for the next. As a beginner it is not advisable to play multiple games at one shot.

4. Do not panic at any given situation. Have a calm mind as good composure is very important to deal with tricky situation.

5. Know that high value cards are a big burden to keep. So as much as possible dispose them off on successive turns so that even when the game is declared by the other person, you have only a fewer points with you.

6. Always be aware of the importance of joker cards and their roles. Ensure that the usage of joker is fully known to you. One of the things you should know is the jokers should not be used to form pure sequence.

7. Always focus on the moves of your opponents closely. His moves will surely have an impact on you. It will help you understand the type of arrangements he is working on and you can accordingly deny him/her the cards that you want.

8. You can fox your opponents by discarding randomly card which you have a two of. If your opponents pick up that card then you will know what type of cards they are interested in.

9. Keep discarding lower value cards on successive turns. This will confuse your opponent’s thinking that you are about to finish the game soon. This will force him to fold the cards immediately.

10. You can even bluff your opponent to win the game. This is achieved when you keep picking up cards from the open deck on every turn. This may fool your opponent and may force him to drop the game.

11. If the cards seem to be unfavourable and your opponents look confident, disown all high value cards before dropping the game. You can either choose to drop in the beginning or during the middle.

12. Do not hold any cards for long. Keep your options open and try different combinations as the game proceeds.

As simple as that is Indian Rummy. When you mastered all the aforesaid tips, go for Rummy game download and do wonders for yourself day in and day out. If you are new to online rummy you can learn rummy rules to be a rummy champ.

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